FACT: Ensuring that your small business has a disaster recovery plan and is well protected from cybersecurity threats can reduce your insurance costs.

For organizations of any size, the costs of a data breach from short-term financial penalty to long-term reputational damage are incalculable.

Many small businesses underestimate the extent of the cybersecurity threats they face and lack the resources to address them.

As a small business owner you need to ask yourself:

  • CYBER SECURITY How much am I protecting my computer systems? How much are my systems at risk?
    FACT: Small businesses are one of the biggest targets for hackers(Forbes 1). They are often unprotected and easy targets for crypto-lock software that holds financial systems for ransom.
  • DISASTER RECOVERY – Could I get my business back up and operating if I had a fire, flood, etc.? Would my data be lost?
    FACT: 69% of all small business owners have no Disaster Recovery plan(BizTech Magazine 2).
  • GOVERNANCE / LEGAL COMPLIANCE – Are you certain that your business is adhering to the protection of personal information? Are you doing everything you can to protect your business AND your customers?

Hello, I’m Jason. I have been working on user-level and advanced technical support / network engineering since 1998. I am very patient and happy to help those who need it, remotely or on-site depending on your needs and my availability. If you aren’t sure what kind of support you need, just drop me a line (via the contact form) or click the “Skype” icon in the lower right hand side of this page to chat with me now.


  • Website Design
  • Website Maintenance
  • Video Production
  • Photography
  • Writing Services


  • Small Businesses
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Independent Professionals


  • Security Camera Installation
  • Desktop Support
  • Mobile Device and Tablet setups


“I have worked with local individuals and businesses for almost 20 years in the Boston area. The need to have a strong support and a good online presence is critical in today’s constantly changing economic climate.”

Jason Stadtlander • Owner / Founder


Doug Obey is an Author and Financial Advisor in Westwood, MA. His need for a concise website that would present his writing and financial services were significant to his online presence.


GFMS’s requirement for a quality website that provided their claimants at a budget that the nonprofit organization could afford added a challenge but ultimately proved to be an important face for their business needs.


Being a small business, Stonehaven Tree Farm knew that it was important to have a resource like their website so that their customers could have quick access to facts and schedules, but they lacked the time to maintain it. This is where Stadtlander Designs fit them best.