Whether you’re a CPA who needs an online presence, a hair stylist that wants to allow her clients to book appointments or an actress that would like to display his portfolio, a personal website can be a perfect addition to your personal business.

A personal website typicallywould contain 3-4 pages:

  • An overview
  • A contact page
  • A portfolio or client list
  • A list of services or experience

Obviously, all websites are a little different. Some require a lot more detail, some require a lot less.

Personal websites typically range from $150 -$500 + hosting costs, – depending on what your needs are.

Nonprofit organizations are an element all their own. They frequently require an overview of what they do and some basic contact information and are almost always bound to a tight budget. Occasionally an organization will require more dynamic content such as financials and board of director documents. I have experience with all of this and it can be done relatively low cost.

A typical nonprofit site would contain:

  • A homepage
  • A contact page
  • An employee list with profiles
  • An outreach page
  • A way of donating through the website

Nonprofit websites typically run between $400 for a basic website and can stretch up to $2000 depending on how complex the requirements are for the website.

More details coming soon regarding small business websites.

Contact me today and I’ll be happy to go over some ideas.

I will work with you to sculpt your website to exactly fit your needs.